Photo & Film Production Studio

5200 Venice Studios LA is a full service photography and event space located in mid-city Los Angeles near major studios, shops, and restaurants. We offer a unique environment different from any other studio in the city. Our mid-century styled building provides a wonderful working environment including a 2,000 square foot stage, 18x10 loading door, 400 amps of power, and plenty of natural light. Built in the 1960’s, the layout of the building enables photographers to shoot all throughout the lot, not just on the stage.

Our outdoor studio space includes a spacious concrete lot that can be used for production or for vehicle parking, loading, or unloading. The gated, private parking lot can accommodate up to 15 cars.

The intimate interior of our studio is ideal for photo, movie, and multi-media production use. The walls deliver texture for a great backdrop and the courtyard is the ideal area for soft lighting scenarios. Two private patios, approximately 418 square feet, contribute to the retro vibe and provide a great space to get fresh air. Included inside are 5 support rooms to be used as wardrobe, makeup, or rest areas. Our versatile floor plan can easily be converted to accommodate private events, interviews, workshops, readings, castings, and much more.

Clients are more than welcome to supply their own production gear. Close enough to the freeway, but quiet enough to feel like a retreat, 5200 Venice Studios LA should be your next studio choice.

Studio Space for Events & Private Parties

Welcome to 5200 Venice Studios LA, the go-to place for any retro inspired event or party! Built in 1962, the building’s mid-century architecture provides the perfect environment for hosting a large or small event for any and all personalities. Our location is especially ideal for planning private events or parties amongst celebrities.

Indoor and outdoor lounge areas offer a change of atmosphere from your typical event venue. Beautifully furnished rooms provide space for hosting, drinking, as well as dancing. Our distance from the freeway ensures a quiet atmosphere, where you’ll feel like you’re on a retreat. The lighting in our studio is what makes it especially appealing to guests. Natural light seeps through the windows during the day, while original ambient light gives a sexy glow at night.

Guests will appreciate the ambient setting, modern furniture, outdoor patio, and our gated parking lot that can hold up to 15 cars. Whether you’re throwing a small birthday surprise or the party of the year, 5200 Venice Studios LA has the space for you!